Medair Track & Trace

Why Medair

MEDAIR Time Critical Express was founded for all the right reasons. Simply put, MEDAIR’s Founder wanted to make a difference. He and his supportive family knew that leading edge Medical Research resulting in cures and beneficial treatments for those ailing was something in which he wished to invest his time and passion. While not possessing particular scientific expertise, he was able to dedicate his considerable business acumen and ability to surround himself with dedicated talent to create the very best specialized Bio-Pharma Logistics organization possible. MEDAIR is proud to be doing our part to advance medical research world-wide. Valuable Bio-Pharma shipments are transported around the world every hour under the careful supervision of MEDAIR personnel who truly care.

Personal Customer Service

At MEDAIR, all customers and parcels are handled with care and courtesy. We employ a team approach so that all requests are treated in a timely and accountable manner. We adhere to our ISO quality assurance program, which ensures that all matters pertaining to your transactions are managed precisely. Each one of our Operations Staff make themselves familiar with your account and are all equally capable and determined to satisfy your logistics needs.


You invest so much time, expertise, passion and resources into your medical research. You should expect your valuable shipments to be handled with utmost care at all times.  Attention to detail!  MEDAIR’s level of experience and commitment to excellence in this regard is unsurpassed. We regularly examine and fine-tune Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) designed to meet your specific needs so that we provide you with the very best care and custody.

Established in 2001 by Andy Davies, MEDAIR customers benefit from over 100 years of combined staff experience in the Bio-Pharma Logistics business. Add that to several decades of quality assurance and customer service experience and you are guaranteed to be in good hands. Your shipments shall arrive on-time, in perfect condition and within desired temperature range. Nothing beats EXPERIENCE!

Quality Assurance Program (QA)

MEDAIR’s established capabilities in major marketplaces throughout the world allow us to focus on ensuring that your shipment is moved both quickly and efficiently, arriving in prescribed condition.  Every MEDAIR shipment is individually handled, routed and monitored through to an exact timed delivery, virtually anywhere in the world.

MEDAIR is committed to quality and, as part of our continuous improvement, has instituted a worldwide, comprehensive Quality Assurance Policy. All aspects of our organization and service partners are monitored by MEDAIR’s Quality Assurance Team. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure MEDAIR’s global operations, service partner performance and supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.


MEDAIR’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified and adheres to the rigorous international standards set by ISO, which is the international standard for quality management systems recognized worldwide. Quality management systems certified to ISO must maintain comprehensive internal audit programs, document and review services to meet applicable safety, regulatory, and customer satisfaction requirements.

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Although GDP compliance is defined as the main driver for the company’s GxP policy, MEDAIR also embraces elements of GMP (Manufacturing), GSP (Storage) and GCP (Clinical) as they relate to MEDAIR’s core transportation business.

Quality Policy

Medair Time Critical Express Ltd is committed to meeting and exceeding customer and, all other requirements, by providing the best possible time and temperature critical transportation solutions, worldwide.

All Medair employees are committed to offer customer service levels of excellence and ensure that all shipments are moved both quickly and efficiently, and arrive in perfect condition.

We are driven to continually improve our processes and the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Andy Davies,
Managing Director

This policy and its supporting objectives will be reviewed for continuing suitability at the annual management review meeting.

Environmental Sustainability, Re-usable Packaging

The MEDAIR Family is very concerned about the detrimental effects of ‘throwaway’ packaging on our environment along with many other concerns that impact the air that we breathe, the water we drink and the ground that we walk on.  We, like yourselves, have families whose future is very important to us. We feel it is our collective responsibility to ensure that future generations thrive in a healthy society. For example, all of our packaging is environmentally friendly and re-usable. MEDAIR Management routinely considers initiatives for protecting and improving our environment.