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The Story Behind Medair Founder, Andy Davies

“What if it was possible to wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work, because you know you are playing a part in making someone’s life better?”

It was with this thought in mind that Andrew “Andy” Davies founded MEDAIR in 2001 in Toronto, Canada. From a one-bedroom flat with his wife Michelle, his Startup was meant to embody a different yet powerful work ethos that strongly set MEDAIR apart from the rest of the organisations: to be an inclusive, safe, and exciting environment in which employees would thrive. His ongoing goal is to create a happy workspace where success and growth aren’t just aspirational, they are fully achievable. 

A family man, Andy’s core values have always revolved around his commitment to his team on maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Proud father to Kalea and Kiara, Andy has designed his organisation around the promise that no employee would ever miss their child’s recital, soccer game or spelling bee. This is possible through the collaborative nature of MEDAIR in which every member of the team covers for one another. The MEDAIR “family-first” culture has been a key piece to their mission of helping those in need, near and far.

Andy’s Driving Forces:

Meet his

Andy’s daughters play an immense role in his life and his ability to create such a safe space at Medair. His eldest daughter, Kalea, grew up with cerebral palsy and faced many physical challenges along the way. However, Andy’s determination grew strong as he committed to her that there wasn’t anything out of reach in life. As such, despite being unable to walk mostly without a walking aid, Kalea learned to ski and became the Easter Seals Ambassador for Ontario and made a speech at the Conn Smythe Dinner in front of hundreds of people. As ambassador, Kalea’s mission was to “Help Kids Just Be Kids” by helping raise awareness and funds for mobility equipment and for Easter Seals Special Summer Camps.


Kalea has since travelled to the top of the Acropolis, helped build houses for those in need in Cambodia for Tabitha Foundation and is currently studying Public Relations in University.

Kalea’s journey allowed Andy to be introduced to families with special needs and has witnessed how common humanity takes for granted simple things such as putting winter clothes on to go outside and enjoy some time with friends. Watching their child miss out on playing with other kids at school was immensely distressing, so was born the drive to ensure that MEDAIR’s success meant that many families could be helped through Life Science Logistics.


Kiara, Andy’s other daughter, is also a force to be reckoned with. Her love of sailing and competitive racing shows that the Davies passion for living life to its fullest runs deep. Kiara also volunteers with racecourse mark setting and has become a lifeguard and an Ontario Sailing Coach where she is excited to share her love of sailing with young sailors. In September she will embrace a new challenge sailing around the world with Class Afloat.